The bow ties for men are considered a traditional form of neck tie. It has gone through many innovations in style, colour, designs and methods of fixing the bow tie in place.

The traditional method is to have a length of material which has to be tied in a bow. This for some ofBOW TIES FOR MEN you presents a problem to get the bow correct and takes at first a lot of patience. 

Therefore the answer for some of you comes the alternative answer in the form of a bow sewn onto a to an adjustable band. 

Then there is the clip on that doesn’t have the band but has a mechanism that clips onto collar points. 

Using an adjustable band or clip on bow tie is considered to be a NO NO at formal event that require a black or white bow.

The bow ties can vary in length similar to the collar size of the shirt and can be from 14/19 inches in length and the type of bow that is produced when tied. 

The following five reviews that follow to give you a choice of the top selling bow ties:

DBF20 Poly Pre-tied Bowtie Present Box Set More Choice Available 5T By Dan Smith

Mens Ties  

  • These Satin bow ties are manufactured of imported high quality  100% Microfiber fabric.
  • Most importantly do not machine was or tumble dry because the fabric will ruin besides damaging the bow tie stitching/
  • The five bow ties are sent with a gift box so if you are purchasing as a present the packaging problem is solved for you.
  • The bow ties are in solid colour, this has been so because it was found most of you prefer them.

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Bundle Monster Mens Tuxedo Adjustable Neck Bowtie Bow Tie 5pc Mixed Lot

These handmade bow ties have an adjustable neck band from about 9/18 inch